Sold! Lakefront Log Home For Sale in michigan. 8144 E 112th Ave, Grant Mi 49327

SOLD!  Lakefront Log Home For Sale in Michigan.

8144 E 112th Ave, Grant Mi 49327

Lakefront LOG HOME with TEN WOODED ACRES and a Guest house! 
  • This is an unusual, secluded log home in the country.
  • This privatized, no motor lake is so quiet and serene.
  • The home is tucked into the trees way back off the road and is a mixture of rustic feel with MODERN amenities.
  • The beautiful kitchen has quartz counters and all modern appliances.
  • There is a Main floor Master bedroom with private bath.
  • There is a new living room with a fireplace.
  • Enjoy peace and serenity overlooking the lake and create family memories for all. Easily finish a third bedroom in the open loft


  • Lot: 10 acres
  • Single Family
  • Built in 1992

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Hey, thank you for stopping by. My name is Clint Maki. I am the broker owner of Thresholds for Living Realty and what I have here today is this beautiful log of home on a lake. We have a lakefront log home with ten acres of woods. This beautiful, no motor lakes. So you are not going to hear a bunch of obnoxious motor jet skis and water skiers on this lake plus an additional guest house where I will show you in just a moment here.

Let us take a look at this lake and where it sits and the property that we have along with this. This ten acre parcel has this beautiful log home but it also has the guest house. Let me take a look at the location of this property. It is out there in the country definitely. When you start looking at the geographic location in Michigan, you are about an hour maybe a little over an hour from Grant Rapids, a couple of hours from Chicago. If you zoom in          here you will see that it is right among the Muskegon river water shed right there. A lot of stream of rivers add up to the Muskegon River which dumps in the lake Michigan. Right now, it is full of salmon in the spring. Coming up here shortly, as a matter of fact, the steelhead will start to run.  Full of trout all year round and other species of fishes as well and lots of different lakes in the area to go along with that.

This house is right out there in that area and it is on this lake called “Mystery Lake” and it is a privatized lake which means there is no public access to this lake. There is only the several houses that are on the property already and this house has two of them. There is one right here and there is one along the southern band of the lake as well. If you zoom in just a little bit more, you see it is a fully enclosed lake with no public access. It really does make a different atmosphere on the house when you start looking at how many people you have on the lake and they are there by invitation only when it comes down to who is going to  have access to your property.

It is a beautiful house with a 2-storey log that is added on recently and it is a full log home. This is all natural wood. One hundred percent these are undoctored pictures. It is a beautiful home. About nineteen hundred square feet in in the main floor above ground on this particular house. There are on the main floor:  one master bedroom, two full bathrooms, upstairs, another bedroom that used to be the master bedroom in addition to a loft and that is where that stairway leads right there. It is up to that loft. Full modern kitchen. Nothing rusting about this with quartz countertops. Just beautiful. Hickory cabinets. Stainless steel appliances. So you are not roughing it. This is a year round home. This is a separate room they use as a craft room right now. It could be used as a summer kitchen. It is a big side court kind of home. It has a lot more space to the area and to the house itself. There is a kitchen eating area, a small dining area here off to this side and I am going to show you the family room in the next picture. There is a beautiful family room with the fireplace. This modern, well insulated, and beautiful windows over-looking that lake frontage. And there is the master’s bedroom that goes right off this room over here. So right next to that the family room is the master’s bedroom with the private bathroom and it is so cozy and quaint. It is just beautiful. Here is the lake frontage that you have here. Nice. Calm. Quiet. It is evening when I took this photos. It is very typical for this particular lake is everyone just kind of minds their own business and takes care of themselves. It is a beautiful home with loft and plenty of rooms. There is that second bedroom upstairs plus what used to be a third bedroom. You can put the wall back and have a third bedroom on the second floor as well if you want so there would be two bedrooms with full bath upstairs.

I love this deck. This deck is enormous. When you start looking at the size of this property and how much fun you can have on the deck that big that faces the water front and the quiet summer evenings that you spend in your ten acre wooden paradise.

Here is a second house here. It is a manufacture home with a big deck. These folks actually bought this house at foreclosure and they just enjoy having control over this particular house. They put on a new roof on it. Rain is still rough on both these houses as a matter of fact. So you are done with roofs for a long long time. It is a hundred year roof probably right there. And it also has water frontage to go with it. Now they loan this house out to family members and to various college students they have lived there from time to time. It is in good condition and they really do enjoy owning it and having control over that particular property.

This video is long enough. It is going in five minutes now. I just want to make sure you saw this property and saw that it had a lot of the old features but it is a modern house on ten acres of woods. Just a pretty short drive on the Grand Rapids area. It is in the country but it is fairly accessible with some of the major towns and cities that are in the area.

My name is Clint Maki. If you are looking for a lake front log home, I want you to consider this particular home on 112 Avenue. 8144 East 112 avenue in Grant Michigan 49327. If you have any other question, just feel free to give me a call. My name and phone number are right there on that screen. 6168377630 is my phone number. Thanks for stopping by.