Lakefront Big Star Lake Cottage for Sale – Baldwin Michigan

Lakefront in Baldwin MI

Lakefront Home in Baldwin Mi For Sale. Big Star Lake –
7128 Pine Ct Baldwin MI 40304

NEW PRICE: $279,900

7128 Pine Court, Baldwin, MI 49304

Lakefront Home in Baldwin Mi For Sale. Big Star Lake


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This is a SANDY, Low-Bank BEAUTY with vaulted, beamed ceilings.

It feels like a new cottage inside and out, but still has that eclectic cottage feel. Walk right out the enclosed porch straight to the BIG DECK, Beach and Dock and enjoy one of Michigan’s BEST lakes.

Nearby is a Great Golf course and LOTS of Recreation Trails, rivers and THOUSANDS of acres of PUBLIC HUNTING land.

Check out the pictures, WATCH THE VIDEO and call NOW to buy it BEFORE IT”S GONE!


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Video Transcript for SEO purposes

Waterfront property in Baldwin Michigan. There is quite a few house listed right now but this one is really different. My name is Clint Maki. I am the broker owner for Thresholds for Living Real Estate and I specialize in waterfront properties.

What I have for you today is a lakefront home in Baldwin Michigan that is really unique and different and I think kind of special. And I am going to show you the inside and the outside of this home but notice the first thing that really appeals to most people here is its immediate beach access. It is right on the beach on the Big Star lake and you can literally walk off your deck, out to the beach and play in the water because it is really slow bank out there and it has got a great dock. You can get in your boat, go fishing, go skiing and whatever it is you like to do on a lake.

This is a really different house in a lot more different ways because of that, this one of the more high demand locations on this particular lake. It is 7128 West Pine Court just off of rift the main drag there to a private little street. And it’s got maximum privacy for a lake like this, beautiful views but here is the inside. Let us go in off the deck here. There is that big dock that is free of barriers and just ready to get out on to the water. Look at this porch here, you can sleep, some kids out in this porch. You can have a lot of fun out here, play some cards and have a lot of meals out there, watch the boats and the traffic.

Let us go on inside. These are vintage doors and windows that were installed by the current owner in the house. It was built 1992 so it has got a modern feel to it but it is still pretty eclectic. It has got the raise ceilings with beams going across. It is very cool looking house. It has got some vintage sinks for instance in this kitchen. It is all brand new, very functional. And look at the old vegetable style sink. That is a ceramic coated vintage sink that has been installed and kept from the original cottage that was on this particular property. So it is the only thing that is original here. The rest is all pretty brand new stuff. It has got a fireplace, fine plank flooring. It has got that wonderful cottage feel to it but it is still new.

Look at that open space about fourteen hundred square feet more or less so we have not measured it yet but it has got enough room. It has got two bedrooms with also bolted ceilings and sky lights so you do really have a roomy feel. That one is probably at 12 by 14 bedroom so it is a little bit bigger than the standard size bedroom. Plenty of closets, plenty of storage. That is kind of the master’s. It is next to the single beds that they have here. Here is the double bedroom they have with twin beds in it and it has this really cool sleeping loft up there. Grandkids go up there and they read and they play. They hang out there in that ladder. You can use it for storage for clothes if you wanted to but it has a really cool feeling in the house all the way around when you start going through this home.

But really, you buy a house like this for the lake, for the memories you create, and the feeling that it gives you by owning and spending your precious moments with the family that you love and the people that you cherish and really it is something that you own because it is part of you and it becomes part of you and now it has been with this family ever since back in 1940s. This single family has own this house and the first and only time it has been out in the market in all those years.

There is a lot of things to do in the area, let me show you where this property lies as a matter of fact before I forget. Here is the cottage right there. If you see the dock that is where the boat is I showed you. That is their dock system. You can tell who has the best frontage out there because of the long docks. So the tapers off, if you look at that. Slight tapers so kids can have a lot fun out there playing.

And you want to zoom out here and I will show you the overview of Big Star Lake. It is a big lake. There is a lot to it. It has a lot of great fishing in there. Everybody likes to ski, only after 11am. You can ski. On the proximity to the Grand Rapid in Chicago, if I get this to zoom out a little bit. Oh, I looked too far but there you go. So proximity to Chicago is probably about three and half hours more or less and Detroit probably about the same three and a half hours. Maybe an hour and a half close to an hour and forty five minutes from Grand Rapids area and pretty equal distance to Traverse City. So if you start looking at different areas that you are coming from. Easy enough to drive to. It is mostly freeway to get there and then you are on the lake. So you can go up there. You can hunt, fish, ski. There is thousands and thousands of acres of recreational property, hundreds and hundreds of miles of recreational trails, thousands of acres of golf courses out there. A beautiful golf course is just around the corner. Plenty to do, plenty to see but again the real star of this show is this house. It is the beauty of living on a lake and knowing that you have a piece of heaven, and a slice of your own time is spent somewhere that you like with the people that you love.

If this cabin feels you then give me a call back. My name is Clint Maki and I am the broker owner for Thresholds for Living real estate. This is my information at the bottom of the screen. You can reach me at 616-837-7630. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.